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Steam Incense Blends

All of our steam incense blends are very suitable for steaming or burning with our variable fragrance and incense burner, to be scented as well as smoked.

!!! The revolution of incense !!!

Incense herbs and resins
- together with water!?!

Usually unthinkable and physically and chemically impossible -
fire and water acting together on an incense burner.

It seems to be paradoxically possible with steam and incense blends.
If you drizzle some water on the herb incense, the fragrances of the herb incense will become even more intense with the variable fragrance and incense burner in the “Fragrance Setting."

This is possible with the aroma pan made of stainless steel in connection with the variable fragrance and incense burner.

It gently warms the herb incense over the candle flame. At the same time, it prevents the water from dripping on the candle flame.
It's like the combination of incense and aromatherapy in one.

This is how you can mix, extend, supplement and improve your existing collection of herb incenses, scented oils and scented essences ...

Be creative!

Give 1-2 teaspoons of the blend into the aroma pan and light the tea light in the variable fragrance and incense burner.
To intensify the fragrance, add a few drops of water to the mix.

100 % natural herbs, woods, resins & oils are available to you in various blends.
Only the highest quality, plant-based raw materials from all over the world are used for these blends. These unique fragrances are lovingly crafted by hand.

Here you can order the "Steam Incense Blends" in our shop.

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