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Aroma pan

Aroma pan

You can complement your variable fragrance and incense burner in an elegant and attractive way with this aroma pan made of stainless-steel. With this pan, you can use additional fragrance oils and essences, just like in aromatherapy.

The aroma pan is simply attached to the holder of the variable fragrance and incense burner instead of the included stainless-steel burning sieve.

The aroma pan is made of stainless-steel and absolutely reaction neutral to incense herbs and resins. It has a diameter of about 90 mm, is about 19 mm high, and can safely hold about 25 ml of fluids.

It is manufactured by hand at a little workshop for the variable fragrance and incense burner.

The aroma pan is especially suitable for steam and incense blends. The effect and the fragrance of these special blends are intensified by adding a few drops of water on the herbs while heating them. The effect is similar to the grouting at a sauna.

This combination of herb incense and water is only possible with the aroma pan because it is built in the shape of a bowl and doesn’t allow fluids to go through so it can’t drip in the flame of the candle.

Smart people could get the idea to place a piece of aluminum foil on the burning sieve to replace the aroma pan.
However, this does not only subtly send the information of aluminum to the ether, which you certainly don’t want in this case, but the heat of the candle also releases aluminum ions from the foil.
And aluminum is not only a heavy metal, but it’s also known to cause diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia.

This is why the aroma pan is not made of aluminum, but high-quality stainless-steel.

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