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Chakra Stone Set

Chakra stone set english

We people need a certain amount of energy every day that we cannot live without. We only ingest a small part of our needed energy in the form of solid food. We ingest the vast majority of this energy through our bodies, respectively through the chakras from the surrounding world.

When all chakras are fully closed or blocked, and we cannot absorb any energy that way, we cannot compensate the missing energy through food alone. Without functioning chakras, we could literally eat until we burst – and still starve. Because the food only covers the physical, gross part of the diet.

To absorb the subtle parts of our daily food, we need an intact and well-functioning chakra system.

Balanced chakras are a prerequisite for our well-being and health. The daily stress at work, a disagreeable colleague, things that need to be done since weeks, unforeseen events, etc., bring us and our body out of balance. We feel tired and exhausted. These are the consequences of being cut off from energy. Sensitive and empathetic people can also feel if you are cut off from energy.

But what can we do to get our energy and well-being back?


This Chakra Stone Set has been compiled to subtly support the energy centers of the chakras.

Each of these stones has a specific impact on the chakra associated with it. It harmonizes, energizes, and has a balancing effect on the energy of the respective chakras. It helps to bring the corresponding chakra back into balance for the body to be optimally supplied with energy again.

Most of the time, it is not the entire chakra system that doesn’t or insufficiently work, but often only individual chakras. But it is often not the same. It can vary. Which chakra is not „working” right depends on our life circumstances and events.

How can you find out, what chakra is not working right at the moment?
How can you quickly help yourself when you do not know who the “energy robber” is?

Chakrastone brochure english

Grab the chakra set and place the stones in front of you on a table. Close your eyes. You will intuitively and slowly feel, which stone you absorb with closed eyes. You can read in the small brochure, which psychological aspects the respective stone stands for. And then you think about whether there might be a life situation or a relevant event that you may have already forgotten. It is probably the cause that is „draining” you. Because that is what it physically and subtly does with the chakra. It drains the chakra and „cuts“ off the energy.

Then take the respective stone and carry it with you. It is best to wear it in a small bag around your neck (near the thymus gland) or your pocket. The stones are flat, so they do not get noticed as much as possible. However, you should wear them on your body.

You can also place the stone directly on the respective chakra during meditation, and feel the changes

You can read about the relation of the stones to the respective chakra and the psychological impact of them in the following list:


Rhodonite Stone 1. Chakra


Carnelian Stone 2. Chakra


Tiger Eye Stone 3. Chakra


Aventurine Stone 4. Chakra


Aquamarine Stone 5. Chakra


Amethyst Stone 6. Chakra

Mountaincristal Stone

Mountain Crystal Stone 7. Chakra

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