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Feedback from our customers

Here you will find feedbacks from our customers about us, our products and our services.

Each of these feedbacks is verifiably from our customers or from users of our products.


"When I researched the Internet, I noticed the incense burner. A written demand on my part was promptly followed by a long, informative and very lively phone call with Mr. Reithmayr, for which I would like to say thank you again.
The warmer was then delivered very quickly, it looks really good despite the simplicity and works as expected. Thanks to the height adjustability of the sieve, the incense can develop its best possible effect.
For the fact that the warmer is made in a workshop for the disabled, there is an "extra plus" of mine.

All the best, further on!
Rita G."


"I am very satisfied, fast delivery.

I have bought a fragrance and incense burner, it is very beautiful and I have my daily enjoyment with it.

Many Thanks.
Karin S."


"Beautiful, true and smooth delivery process.

Thank you, gladly again!
Milena U."


"In the power garden I found very good quality and also very helpful service.
The materials and workmanship are perfect.
The incense burner is perfect.

Regina Z."


"Always satisfied with repeated orders.
Great quality, great service, fast shipping and careful packaging.

Regina Z."


"It makes me feel good and makes the moment a relaxing pleasure. Starting the day with it and ending the day in the same way. Always a little joy, that suits me very well, especially in these days. It helped a lot, the scent, the burning candle.

Regina C."


"We (my wife and I) are really excited about the smoking utensils, it is well made and of very high quality, from the workmanship and the material.

Jörg G."


"Everything exquisite, human and mindful !!! Get well !!!

Alexander A."


"Unexpected callback, instead of mail and good communication A very personal conversation I was very happy about it, so my rating is also very positive.

Michael D."


"The goods correspond exactly to the description, the shipping was immediate. Very professional and friendly appearance.

Lothar D."


"Everything great! Article is as described. High quality material. You can recommend it further.

Many Thanks
Thomas G."


"Great customer service, gladly again.

Best regards


"Super - packed, fast delivery, awesome smoker, it rocks.

Robert R."


"I was really happy about the herbs.

I moved 3 days ago, every time I came to the apartment, I became tired and listless. I did not know any more advice. Then the herbs came to my mind, I decided to use 'Letting Go' and 'Pure & Distinct'. And yes, the very next day I felt, as I was used to, happy and bright. If that is no reason to be happy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Regina C."


"As always, everything is great. Goods and price top, packaging and shipping great, for me there is nothing to complain about. I'll definitely shop here again.

Great praise from me.
Katja B."


"I can recommend this simple device to anyone, in order to release the essentials from different smoking materials gently.
Simple design, beautiful material, solid workmanship, easy handling, reasonable price.

Markus K."


"Excellent products and excellent uncomplicated order together with human communication !!!!

Great pleasure :-)
Alexander A."


"Excellent contact, fast communication, goods, delivery everything perfect.
Here, the boss takes care personally.

Angela B."


"Hello everybody,

the herb burner arrived Saturday and I wanted to say, I love it !!
It is so awesome by the height adjustment, in this way burning herbs is real joy.
I will share the link of the article in my groups, this burner is really the best thing I have bought for a long time.

This is the first time I can smoke herbs as well as resins depending on their temperature requirements without burning them immediately. With this burner you can make the soul of the plant noticeable.

If you are more intensely engaged with burning herbs, this fantastic herb burner is a must.

Greetings from Black Forest
Petra K. "


"Great merchandise, friendly contact and fast shipping.
I'm very satisfied!

Thank you.
Tillmann K."


"Great assortment - above all, one buys here the "Original" in very high quality and excellent production!

Great service - Mr. Reithmayr has personally called me - very nice, friendly and accommodating.
Here I order again and recommend this shop.

Thank you! :-))))
Karin S."


"Super good uncomplicated order, prompt delivery and very good packaging.
Any time again....

Many Thanks
Jens E."


"Hello dear Mr. Reithmayr.

I would like to thank you again for today's nice, friendly and very informative conversation!

Have you got to know your fragrance and incense burner about my friend, as well as the EAS tattoo!! In a video by Alexander Wagandt and Jo Conrad is shown, among other things, this great herb burner. Both products have convinced me and so I ordered the fragrance and incense burner and tattoos. The order came very fast!

Since then, the warmer has been in daily use. ;-) It looks noble and high quality and pleases every day eye and nose!!! In order for my partner to enjoy the warmer, I have ordered a second fragrance and incense burner as well as various herbs for him. I'm really looking forward to the delivery. Will tell if and how the warmer affects his sleep disorders!

Thanks again for this very beautiful herb burner! Have and will continue to recommend it in the future and will continue to order from you in the future!!! ;-) Good luck for the future!

With energetic greetings
Evelin H."


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

A video with Alexander Wagandt and Jo Conrad about burning herbs in which this great incense burner was shown, prompted me to order this incense burner. It was delivered very fast.

It makes a nice, high-quality impression and was of course immediately put into operation. I'm really excited. Has been in service every day since delivery. I do not want to miss it anymore.

Thank you very much for this great incense burner.
Evelin H."


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

The variable herb burner is really wonderful in use and exactly as described.
Especially for the gentle use with herbs I had so far still no solution, which is nearly as good.

Regina Z. "


"The beautiful herb burner has arrived today, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for it.

God's blessing
Johannes D. "


"I can only confirm my rating today, at least 6 years later. The incense burner is still in use and it doesn't definitely look like old!

Heike M."


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

In the meantime, the herb burner has enriched us for the fifth year and, analogous to a "Mercedes-Benz", has not lost quality and positive charisma.
We are still thrilled and recommend your offered incense burner gladly in the circle of friends and acquaintances.
Continue to be successful in your work!

Best Regards
Maik G."


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

After frequent use, my initial enthusiasm has been confirmed. Especially the individual height adjustment of the herb burner convinces me again and again.

Friendly greeting
Sabine O."


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

I still use the incense burner regularly and I love the solid quality!

Best regards
Janet R."


"Everything was wonderful again and arrived very quickly - thank you Mr. Reithmayr.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Siegrid T."


"The homepage is extremely appealing, very well designed.

The advice was very personal and friendly.
The cooperation with handicapped workshops is very much appreciated.
The delivered goods are of good quality and also visually fine worked.

Continued success for this company.
Michael S."


"The herb burner holds now many years and the incense is very intense.

Sigl M."


"Hello, Mr. Reithmayr.

The Stövchen has arrived on Saturday to me. Everything was great.

Kind regards from the Rhineland
Sabine R. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

I am looking forward to your package and thank you for your kind feedback as well as the really nice offer, to answer any question regarding "Räucherwerk". You realize, you are really with "lifeblood" thereby.

Beautiful pre-Christmas greetings from Lake Constance,
Jana K. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Many many thanks!
A simple as well as ingenious construction the warmer. Had previously a while smoking coal on the reel, but in this way, the precious plants are "fueled" much too quickly and sometimes creates a bad smell, if one is not careful.
But with the warmer you can dosing wonderfully and has a uniform effect for a very long time. Fine!

Best regards
Felix W. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thanks a lot for this nice message and of course the super fast shipping!
We will gladly recommend you.

Best regards
Matthias K. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for your mail, also thanks for the fast delivery.
Have already tried everything, is really a good construction for smoking.
Further good sale.

Best regards
Renate W. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

I would first like to thank you for the friendly communication in the past.

I am really unbelievably satisfied with the delivered articles (fragrance and incense burner + smoking mixture "new consciousness"). I especially liked the smokers' mixture "New Consciousness". Really great and a big praise for it.

Omar S. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr,

Thanks a lot for the nice incense stuff with accessories. I am not only impressed by the look and functionality but also by its stable design. Really top!

Best regards
Kristina S. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

The herb burner with accessories has all arrived on Saturday. It's all wonderful, the quality as described by you and Alexander Wagandt. I'm looking forward to experimenting.

Thank you very much
Susanne P. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Today I received the package from you, thank you very much for the fast delivery!

I am very happy to test every single smoking herb. The warmer looks very noble, very nice processing!
I am very happy with it and would buy the fragrance and incense burner again at any time!

Best regards
Silke F. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

Already a few days ago my energy wood set came in.
I find the set very neat and excellently processed. The texts are very interesting, very well also the pendulum table at the end of the booklet. I have already watched the film on YouTube. Thank you very much.

Many greetings and still a nice pre-Christmas time
Sabine D. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

It is there - and it is beautiful.
A great combination of practicality and beautiful design.
I wish you all the best, much success and always light, love and joy on your way.

Best regards
Sabine K. "


"Grüezi Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery.
The herb burner has arrived today. It looks beautiful and is also really practical. The various incense substances also require a different height for the smoking.
I'm now well served with your warmer. I have great pleasure in it. Thank you very much.

All the best and kind regards
Ruth L. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Many thanks, the herb burner is soooo beautiful! My friend was very happy.
Have a nice weekend.

Best regards
Antonia B. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for your excellent customer service.
I am looking forward to the first smoking.
I received the recommendation of your website by Alexander Wagandt.

Many greetings from Sweden
Ralf H. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr:

The package arrived today with me. Of course, I had to test the new purchase immediately and am thrilled. Alexander Wagandt had mentioned this herb burner more than once, and I can now confirm his positive experiences. This variable warmer has made the smoking (and smell) much more comfortable.

I will gladly recommend the "Kraftgarten".

From Leipzig I also send you energetic greetings
Sabine K. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

The herb burner came last week. Many thanks for his wonderful, loving processing. It is really fun to smoke like this, the adjustable height is simply fantastic, so only the essences with the good frequencies are taken out of the plants!

Kind regards and lots of good energy,
Paul J. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

Have such a joy with your things that I would like to surprise a friend because she likes it.
Thank you for giving it.

Gerda D. "



I have ordered a herb burner from you, and I must give you a compliment. The little thing is a lot of fun. It is easy to use and of high quality.
It was worth it to buy. Many Thanks.

Best regards
Frank H. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

My warmer has arrived well in Spain.
I've tried it right now and am completely satisfied with it. A pleasant smoking or fragrance. :)
Actually, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work. I wish you many satisfied customers !!!

Also with energetic greetings
Viola D. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Got your herbal mixture last Saturday. Again, many, many thanks for this charming gesture. I was really looking forward to it.

Am otherwise actually the one who always gives and is happy when others are happy. Unconditionally without expectation ... was therefore also positively surprised. Not correct! Very surprised, that someone also times so heartily back. Have it so noticeably never experienced and that is after almost 50 years already what. Thank you!

Has given me the courage to continue to act and be on the right track.
The next time you visit your workshop, please take my thanks and my awe in your heart. Respect!

In love
Sabine S. "


"Good day.

I use your height-adjustable herb burner almost daily and am very satisfied. I have often recommended it now.
When smoking herbs, incense and the like, I fill an empty tealight, which I place on the grid. The noble products can unfold their fragrance fully and "do not burn".

Best regards
U.B. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr!

Thanks again for your call.
I am looking forward to my next smoking tomorrow.

All the best
Daniela "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for your nice offer and the very interesting information. My wife and I are very happy that in this day, such a wonderful knowledge is made accessible again by loving and conscious people.

Kind regards from Magdeburg
Nicole & Daniel D. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

You produce and distribute such beautiful things and are so wonderfully engaged.
This also opens the heart, especially that of a graduate industrial designer, as I am one, mutates to the art-creating on many levels ...

I also like your site very well!

With best regards to you to Germering
Christel B. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

I would like to thank you again for your smoking set. I use it daily and it gives me joy.
I love this extraordinary set.

You still have a lot of creative power.

In love
Sabine S. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

I was very happy about your call.

I was in the process of creating a project for a very difficult customer and it was very difficult for me to admit to him. He used a lot of energy yesterday.
Now that we've talked to each other, it's easy for me to do teh work.

Thank you for your energy.

Kind regards to you and your wife
Claudia H. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for your message, it is very helpful.

Because I’m an “old hare”, in regards to burning incense, I always used sand to do so. Since I use your herb burner I can incense the herbs without sand, because the height of the sieve can be adjusted variably. The smoking is now, not as before, done in 5 minutes, it roasts quietly to itself, and this is simply brilliant. I’m excited.

From my heart
Ilona S. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

The herb burner has arrived well and has already been used several times.

The possibility to adjust the height is very useful, with our old herb burner there was always the problem that the candlelight was often too close or too far away. Now smoking is just as much more fun and the more we read about it, the more interesting we find the smoking theme.

By the way, we also came across your presentation by Alexander Wagandt.

With energetic greetings
Gabi and Peter F. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you, it is really a very nice piece, a great work, do you make the warmer yourself? I got it today and am looking forward to it. With great enthusiasm, I follow the shows of Alexander Wagandt, so I came to you. From the first impression, I was very pleasantly surprised. To hold this solid precision work in hands, it is a pleasure!
Thank you for doing what you do.

Best regards
Christoph H. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for the fast and friendly shipping, I'am excited and will continue to order with you!
Thanks again.

Energetic greetings back
Namaste Anja E. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

The "Mercedes-Benz" under the herb burner has already reached us on time on Saturday. Our anticipation was confirmed in all points !!!
After commissioning, we did not only find a pleasant room climate, but also the fact of having acquired a really noble part!!!
Thank you in advance for coming fragrances and incense hours.

Best wishes, energetically enriched from Braunschweig
Maik G. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Today I received the herb burner and of course tried immediately. It fully meets my expectations. The warmer is not only well thought out and functional, but also beautiful to look at.
I hope that many people will discover this herb burner and thus come into the true enjoyment of the wide variety of essential oils and incense.

Yours sincerely from Tyrol,
Veronika N. "


"Thank you for the quick delivery.

I have tried the herb burner immediately. I like it very, very much.
I can only recommend.

Marlis "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

The herb burner has arrived well (in every sense) and gave me a lot of pleasure yesterday. A brilliant design! I am afraid that my own beautiful incense-vessels will only serve as decor furthermore. By the way, the link to Alexander Wagandt led me to you. So thanks and

Best regards
Helga B. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

To my exuberant joy came the smokestack today, and already faithfully accomplishes his services.
It also feels good quality, nothing cheap, wobbly, all very stable and heavy. I also like the mechanics very well, I love it when you can still see how and why something works like that. An exceedingly pleasing delivery, many heartfelt thanks.

I had looked at it more than a year ago, because of a video by Alexander Wagandt, then bought the same mugwort, but the warp to it, that was somehow not yet time. Then a friend recently told at the "Bewusst-Treff" that she had personally brought it to you, and she was so enthusiastic, and now I finally have one.

Best regards
Sophie K. "


"Hey dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you very much for this mail, soooooooo beautiful, if someone is not only selling, but selling something to someone with love :-). Have today received the package and tried right away.
All love for you and much, much, much, much success, I wish you from all of my heart.

In love and gratitude greets you
Gerda D. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

I am very happy to tell you that the herb burner arrived today with me about an hour ago (New Zealand). Will also try it out with the suggested incense, recommended by Alexander Wagandt for today's "Day's energy".

Thank you very much for accepting my order and thank you very much for the energy signs. Watching and holding the signs immediately caused me to inhale deeply. It was also easy, where it would otherwise be difficult for me.

I am very excited,
Franziska P. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr!

I would like to express my thanks and my great joy with the incense buner! I use it almost every day for 7 weeks and am excited about the practical and easy handling of this intelligent product every time! The simple elegance and the noble and loving processing and production, as well as the high quality, have a great sustainability, which is very important for me.

A wonderful product, which I will gladly recommend!

Good luck and best wishes
Angelika P. "


"Many Thanks.

And yes, I enjoy the device and the incense.
A great device to gently incense. :-)

Matthias S. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr!

With great joy, I am waiting for your package and thank you now for the great instrument. This makes smoking a light, even if I do not really have a clue about it at the time.

I am convinced that through your help I will make a great step forward in my spirituality. I planned to appear on the Internet at the end of 2012 / beginning of 2013 and to offer people a service, since you have already secured a free advertising space.

Anyway, thank you very much, I can not wait to get started and feel like a wise shaman. I am very happy that I have come across YouTube research and wish you lots of strength and inspiration so that you can further expand your business and still offer many beautiful exciting products for all of us.

A wonderful weekend and see you soon.
Best regards
Slaven T. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

The delivery was already on Saturday arrived without damage, which was really fast.
Thank you very much for this practical help for smoking. I will try this today in calmness.

All the best!
Florian W. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

Because I am very happy that this has worked so quickly - then I can get started soon - have worked so far with smoking charcoal - but Bewusst.tv and Alexander have made me aware of your wonderful herb burner.

I wish you a beautiful advent season - and the best for 2012.

Karin F. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for the quick delivery.
The smell and incense cake made me very enthusiastic.

Love greetings will send you
Herbert S. "

PS: Wishing you a lot of success with the "Kraftgarten" further on.


"Hello, dear Manfred Wolfgang.

I've received the aroma pan thank you and already inaugurated, a great and very successful idea of you, which fits wonderfully additional into the already existing!!
Have more so beautiful inspirations for contemplative moments to support the immersion to the -EVERYTHING that IS ..., for the still seekers as well as already awakened ...!
I want to say that you have created wonderful supporters, - in the world of AROMS & FRAGRENCES, - in various temperature ranges of the release of ingredients; really, really GREAT.

In / out of spiritual connection wrote this to you,
Günter H. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

I have purchased your developed variable fragrance and incense burner, recommended by Alexander Wagandt, within an interview at bewusst.tv.
It is not only very beautiful, but also beautifully practical. The fact that you also attach great importance to indigenous materials and workmanship makes the warmer on top of everything still a very valuable product.
This beautiful energy, which the herb burner radiates because of the loving and conscious production, I can clearly perceive.
This makes the act of smoking a very special experience!
Many thanks for this!

I have already recommended the herb burner several times and will continue to do so ...

Lovely wishes
Tina S. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

We received your delivery today.
The burner looks great. Really "bärig" in bavarian language. These burners facilitate the whole burning incense process - no charcoal etc., really great.
The jar is also beautiful - also the wood. Great details.
Many Thanks.
Have already set up one in the business and smoking already.

Best regards
Horst F. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Have for some time the height-adjustable herb burner in use. It is used almost daily and it's simply ingenious to change the distance between the herbs and the flame, depending on the smoked product.

Advice, delivery and service very satisfactory.
Simply recommendable!

Best Regards
C.v.d.W. "


"Have received the delivery.

The whole looks not only beautiful, but also so beautifully practical!
Really good work!!!
Thank you.

Best regards,
Lena G. "


"Many Thanks !!!

Everything has arrived good and safe.

Best regards
Janet R. "


"Thank you very much, Mr. Reithmayr.

I'm glad!!!!!!!

With best wishes
Birgit L. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you very much for the delivery The package with the fragrance and incense burner arrived yesterday and we are excited about the outstanding quality!

Best greetings to Germering,
Christoph N. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for the quick delivery.
I have already tested the advantages of this height-adjustable herb burner. Excellent!
The next few days I will smoke in my house. I am really looking forward to it.
The energetic greetings have arrived in the form of a very pleasant feeling in connection with the package. Many Thanks.

I wish you a good time,
Katharina S. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you very much for the message, I am looking forward very much to the herb burner. Have been looking for something longer, for smoking, without using charcoal, because of the saltpeter content and have found that now with you, by the reference of Alexander Wagandt. I am very grateful for that.

Have a good time and greetings from Hessen.
Claudia M. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

The herb burner arrived well-kept to me and is already in use.
I also wish you an exciting and inspiring turn of times.

Markus F. "


"Thank you, has arrived well and is used.
Nice work.
So the mugwort scent is much better than with coal.

Monika H. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for the friendly contact and the fast and reliable shipping.
Until next time,

Yours, Jan M. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

The goods arrived at my uncle this morning.
I have just finished my first attempt.
The hardware version is very good!

Best regards
Ulf J. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

The exact destinations I can not tell you. I only know that two smokers went to Togo and with this order the second go to Benin in Africa. The shaman I know takes these warmers as guest gifts. They are very popular there. It may be that some of them go on the trip now and then. Is a nice networking or not?

With lovely greetings
Ute Maria S. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

The package arrived yesterday.

I was attentive to the variable incense smoke by the mention of Alexander Wagandt during an interview with bewusst.tv - a wonderful work which I will surely also recommend, thank you very much!

Heike M. "


"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

The herb burner has arrived today, great!
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love, Light and Peace
Stefan G. "


"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

The herb burner has arrived today. And I must say that I am very satisfied so far. Tonight I will inaugurate the incense burner, and I suspect my enthusiasm continues.

Sabine O. "