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Its effect can only be experienced!

Everything in nature is vibration, harmonious or disharmonious.

A discordant vibration we perceive as chaos, disorder or perhaps as pain, a harmonic vibration we perceive as clarity, order, rest, relaxation.

The energy symbol contains information that harmonizes its environment.

Thus chaos becomes clarity, disorder becomes order and pain can become rest and relaxation.


User testimonials: *

Elisabeth S. from M.

"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Your energy symbol has a really amazing effect.

One night I noticed that an approaching cough grew worse and worse and became dry and painful. I then put two energy symbols on the chest and the cough has disappeared within five minutes. Didn’t came back up to the morning and I could sleep through it quietly.

I do not know exactly how I should describe it, but most likely it is the following: this symbol is extra class for first aid. It supports healing without healing itself. It does not interfere with development processes, but it does everything that these processes are successfully supported so they can run more easily and quickly.
This experience I have not only made with cough, but also with stress, nervousness, sprained thumb, muscle pain, etc. The application is almost unlimited.

I am thankful, joyful and happy to have this symbol in my life.

Best regards"

Elisabeth S.

Anja B. from M.

"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Hereby I would like to write a few lines to you.

By recommendation, I came to your great energy symbol. Which makes my everyday life much easier. It is always a symbol under my water jug. I think that makes the water taste better.

And when I get a touch of sore throat again, I put one on it, which helps me a lot. The pain is visibly less.
So hereby a big thank you for your energy symbol.

Beste regards"

Anja B. aus M.

Erika D. from M.

"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

My little poodle mix Bärli had big problems with his hind legs. Getting up, jumping and running was very limited. I put the anti-pain symbol in his basket and after a few days, to my surprise, he suddenly got up easily, walked and jumped back into my car. I was so happy.

I then tried it on the cervical spine and the pain was gone, but keep coming back but much easier.

Thank you Mr. Reithmayr for the symbol.
Best regards"

Erika D.

Karin S. from M.

"Hello Mr. Reithmayr.

... I also ordered energy tattoos for testing. The pain in the iliosacral joint are gone after 3 days. Now I'm waiting for the next delivery to share this experience.

Best regards"

Karin S.

Uta V. from N.

"Dear Mr. Reithmayr.

Thank you for developing the energy symbol. It helps me very much in my daily work, since I telephone a lot with the mobile phone. Since I have the symbol on my phone, the unpleasant companionship of telephoning, like heat on the ear, are gone.

Because of a ski accident I had hurt my shoulder. Since the using of the symbol the pain has relieved.

Many thanks."

Uta V.

Igor K. from W.

"My most drastically experience with the symbol was the following: once a month I’ve got strong tooth pain, always at the same tooth and the gums also has been always swollen strongly. This procedure always lasted 4 days and as I said, this happened once a month. One night it started again and I could not sleep anymore.

Suddenly I had the idea of putting the symbol on the cheek, exactly where the mentioned pain-causing tooth was. I did this for about 2 minutes and the effect was incredible. Not only did the pain disappear, but also the swelling had completely subsided the next morning. And the best thing about the effect: the tooth has not been aching again since then and the gums are also no longer swollen. It lasts for 6 months now , just great.

Since then, I also use it to energize my drinking water and I have always one in my wallet. Who knows what else I can use it for!"

Igor K.

Monika B. from V.

"I have the energy symbol in my mobile phone and also my two sons aged 10 and 13 years have it in their mobile phones.

I think that I can no longer feel the vibrations of the mobile phone so strongly. I used to feel that the phone vibrated in my pocket, which is no longer the case. In addition, I have no more trouble with putting the mobile phone beside my bed during the night, what I seldom do.

I also noticed that my older son holds the mobile phone closer to his head. In the past he used to talk holding it at a large distance from his head."

Monika B.

Edda R. from M.

"For some time I used the EAS (Energy and Anti-pain Symbols) for my arthritis infected knee joints. An Orthopedist told me that I probably could not avoid an operation. I just should take a painkiller if I cannot bear it. Therefore I have tried it with the EAS, and could greatly reduce my pain, even eliminate it completely and all of this without any pain killer. At night, I used a garter at the knee joint and pushed an EAS under it and I slept so very well. Also during the day I used it while shopping, walking or going for a walk. I was able to manage without painkillers and avoid their side effects. This allowed me to postpone the surgery for a long time. I was aware that the EAS could not heal arthritis.

3 years ago I got a new knee joint. During the 10 days in the hospital and 3 weeks rehab I could save on a painkiller every day because of placing my symbol under my knee strap. This was wonderful and definitely without side effects. The same I did after surgery of my 2nd knee joint 4 month later. Since the last rehab, I have taken a pain pill only one time after a 6 ½ hour hike, but not because of pain, but because of restless legs.

Today I use the EAS habitually whenever I have bumped myself or overexerted.

Last winter, I fell down from the staircase of the house, four stairs, and hit my face on the pavement. Among other things I had a 3 cm crack wound under the upper lip that my dentist sewed. I told my dentist that I don’t want a full syringe and thus I received only a half syringe. Then I used my EAS to stop the pain what helped me very much.

I used to have problems sleeping. My son is a dowser. He tested the sleeping place and found out that my bed is on a water vein. I could not move the bed. So we have harmonized the radiation of the water vein with an EAS. That helped so I could sleep well afterwards.

We have internet and WLAN in the house. After the EAS has proven itself in releasing pain, we have also harmonized the radiation of the WLAN router and the portable phones and the smartphone in the house with very good success.

So I hope that more people and animals will benefit from this wonderful symbol."

Edda R.

Silke K. from P.

"To your info, I gave one of your symbols to my mother, who suffers from a viral inflammation of the nerve sheaths. She applied it overnight and reported that she had an almost painless day after a "first deterioration", which is very unusual."

Silke K.

Martina W. from W.

"Super thanks. It didn’t need much time and I was pain-free.
The tension, which has tormented me for 2 days in the shoulder area, has come loose."

Martina W.

Christel L. from B.

"Regarding the Energy Symbol: My experience is that one day I was suffering from a severe belly ache and I putted the Symbol on my belly and after 20 minutes it was totally gone."

Christel L.

Franziska P. from N.

"These two energy symbols, which you sent me as a gift with the herb burner, I have them for about 6 or 7 years, and since then one is always under the water jug and the other is in my handbag, in case that it’s needed when I'm out of house.

Five and a half years ago we had a devastating earthquake in Christchurch and the water quality suffered greatly. During this time, it was particularly important for me to have the symbol under the water jug, and when we moved from Christchurch to the North Island two years later, we were confronted with an even poorer quality of water.

Here you can taste the additives added to the drinking water, disgusting! We’ve got a good water filter as a jug and this stands now on the symbol additionally. Actually, I cannot describe exactly what happens with the water but it has become a habit of exposing it to the energy symbol. For other drinks I do not need it, because we almost only drink tea and coffee and to make these beverages we again use the water from the pitcher on the symbol.

Intuitively, I am convinced that it restores our drinking water energetically. It wouldn’t come to my mind not to use it and every time I put the jar on it, there is an impulse between me and the symbol which I cannot really explain but which has a depth / strength which shows me that our energy fields are mingling."

Franziska P.

Tatjana N. from W.

"Thank you very much for the energy symbol!

I had just begun to apply it at the time and wanted to use it for my chronic tendonitis.

So it happened that I had bound it on my wrist with a Flexitape - it was very beneficial to me from the beginning and after only two days I could remove it again. The tendon sheath irritation came again, but much lower - and because I am carrying the energy symbol with me ever since I have reused it immediately - the inflammation has since gone and no longer came back.

The most amazing thing I found was how quickly the beneficial effect was felt - that alone was worth trying it - to have it with me all the time makes it pleasantly uncomplicated and fast to apply if needed.

I appreciate it very much and am pleased to have discovered a new dimension of healing."

Tatjana N.

Hans W. from G.

"First of all, I would like to thank you once again for the good reconnaissance work on your energy disc.

Here is a short report.

An acquaintance had an ankle fracture years ago. He complained constantly about severe pain of the ankle. I gave him a small energy disk. He placed the disc between the aching ankle and the socks. His ailment became noticeably less.

In 2011 we had a lot of apple on our trees. I made a test.
I filled up a plastic crate up to the top with these plucked apples, size approx. 60 x 80 x 40 cm. I put a second box on the first box. Under the first crate, I put a large energy disk. The cellar is unheated and dry.

We had continuously well preserved fruit until the summer 2011. Also in regards of the taste of the apples there was no problem. Not until July 2012 we processed the last apples.

This is my experience with your energy disk."

Hans W.

Elisabeth P. from W.

"I am completely convinced by the effect of the energy symbol.

I had pain for two weeks after a tooth extraction. Suddenly there was nervous pain, the neck, the ear and the temporomandibular joint. I put the small energy symbol on the cheek from the outside. I immediately felt that it was going to move, rumors. I then fell asleep with this symbol on the cheek, but what can I say, the pain never came back again!

In the past few years, I have suffered repeatedly from the wound healing delay after tooth extraction, which was often associated with constant pain for up to 12 weeks. I am very positively surprised. I used the symbol every time a residual pain has occurred. Within minutes there was an improvement, painkillers were no longer necessary.

The symbol could also help me with headaches in the crown chakra area. I even noticed an effect on the psyche, I suddenly felt very light and full of peace.

Finally, after years, sciatica pain has arisen during a cold. I attached the symbol in the lumbar region and lo and behold, within half of an hour the pain was no longer perceptible. It has been coming back, but each time I had an improvement when I glued on the symbol again. Up until today the nerve calmed down completely.

When you place the symbol in the middle of the hand, you can feel, after a few moments, a noticeable warmth that spreads.

I am very glad I always have this helper at hand!"

Elisabeth P.

Heidi T. from H.

"I immediately tried out the energy symbol overnight which I received yesterday.
It seems to me that blockades are breaking (I glued it on the front right between shoulder and chest area), and also my pendulum has responded positively."

Heidi T.

Jeffy und Angela W. from L.

"Angela recently had a problem when her left leg got bent underneath her, putting a lot of pressure on her knee and causing much pain. She was worried that she may have caused serious damage to the arthritic left knee and so wore a symbol on the knee for several days. All now seems well."

Jeffy und Angela W.

Helmut R. from M.

"I would like to say thank you for the energy and anti-pain symbol. It has served me immensely well.

All of a sudden I had repeatedly pain under pressure in the right knee (mountain hiking, cycling, walking). I did without a recommended arthroscopy and I helped myself with the symbol.

I pushed the symbol under a knee strap at night and so I could sleep well. After a few days of use, the pain disappeared even during the day and later slowly during exercise. So up to this day I could avoid a surgery.

I also use the symbol to turn drinking water and yogurt clockwise, which is advertised everywhere so strongly, but thanks to the symbol with no additional costs.

I would never ever give away the symbol again and can recommend it to everyone with good conscience.

I also use the symbol to turn drinking water and yogurt clockwise, which is advertised everywhere so strongly, but thanks to the symbol with no additional costs.

When I put my wine glass on the symbol, the wine feels much milder and wholesome. I can only recommend this to everyone.

I would never give back the symbol again and I can recommend it to everyone with good conscience."

Helmut R.

Claudia H. from M.

"It's been a while since Mr. Reithmayr and I had spoken on the phone. It was kind of a difficult day. I told him about it and he sent me an energy symbol with my new order.

It looks quite unspectacular and I put it to the mats on my desk. Unconsciously I always put my water glass on the energy symbol. After a while I realized this and put my glass on one of the other mats I also have.

So I noticed the difference. The water tasted better when it was on the energy symbol, it is softer. Since then, the energy symbol has become an integral part of my water drinking.

I can’t explain it, just feel and taste it. But that works for me."

Claudia H.

Here you can find experienced areas of application by users:

Spiritual blockage solution
Water vein harmonization
Harmonization of rooms
First Aid for acute pain
Prolong food shelf life
Food Energizing
Travel sickness
Pain in general
Muscle tension
Menstrual pain
Stomach ache
Small cuts
Cell phone radiation
Water energizing

Here you can order products of the energy symbol in our shop.

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* This information results from the experiences and opinions of the users, which we merely reproduce here. We don’t give any statement or promise of healing.

Unfortunately, science has not developed so well yet that it can make visible the effectiveness of these products. The effect of these products is based on vibrations and frequencies, in resonance with the quantum consciousness / morphogenetic field and the visible and invisible laws of nature.

The use of this product is at your own risk. It can not replace a visit to your doctor or health practitioner.