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Tree Energy Wood Set

I have made a video to show you the use and effects of the Energy Wood Set made of moon-phase wood.

If it is not displayed correctly, please click here for the YouTube link.


With this Energy Wood Set, you get a set of 15 various wood pieces made from local trees harvested according to lunar phases. These include maple, birch, pear, beech, oak, alder, ash, spruce, pine, cherry, larch, linden, walnut, fir, and stone pine. Each of these trees has a very specific, subtle effect on the body, mind, and soul and thus on human health.

The effect of each tree energy in the set is described in a small brochure, which is part of the Energy Wood Set, in order to help you pick the current wood.

Energy wood set

Fully trust your intuition when choosing. Which of the woods is most "appealing" to you? What description fits best to the problem you are trying to solve? You can also use the pendulum chart at the end of the brochure.

This set is intended for you to experience the different energy qualities of the trees. The wood was deliberately selected in the size of 47 x 27 x 22 millimeters so that you can carry them with you, e.g. in a small jewelry bag around the neck or the trouser pocket as a worry stone. There are no limits to your imagination.

These woods are handmade, shaped, and sized with love. They are not impregnated or treated with wood preservatives in any way. They are pure nature.

I have copied the descriptions with the kind permission of Mr. Ing. Erwin Thoma from his book "Und Du begleitest mich" ("And you accompany me").

This book had a very strong charisma on me and inspired me to create this set of energy wood. I recommend it to interested people as supplementary literature on this topic.

And now I wish you much fun and many of your own experience with the energies of the trees.

Manfred Wolfgang Reithmayr

Wood brochure english

Sample of the brochure:

Alder wood


Like the birch as a pioneer tree, the alder is also one of the light, airy, short-lived and moving types of wood. They simply pump away standing waters that stifle the most precious humus and other trees

The alder easily and linearly helps us to take every day as it is. The alder "dries out" standing thoughts that are spinning in circles. It can also help nagging people caught in their own swamp.

The alder conveys us freshness, cheerfulness and a light, youthful approach to life. It shows us the simple, straight path, not only for dealing with our fellow human beings and nature - but also with ourselves. Get healthy by helping others - this is an alder motto.

Here you can order the "Energy Wood Set" in our shop.

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