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Small stainless steel brush

Stainless steal brush

When using incense resins, it is possible that the incense resins caulk the burner sieve. In this case, take the stainless-steel brush, warm up the burner sieve over a candle flame, and then brush the burner sieve with the brush. Most of the resin residue should be gone afterward.

It is also possible to apply a thin layer of incense sand on the burner sieve and then add the smoking resins. This causes the sand to stick together with the resins, and the burner sieve stays cleaner.

An elegant solution is to have two burning sieves. One for burning herbs and one for burning resins.

However, the stainless-steel brush is pretty much a must to clean the burning sieve used for resins, otherwise, the resin residues of the last burning will still be stuck on the sieve when using it again.

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