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Purified water

Water is our most important food and high-quality drinking water essential for our well-functioning health.

Clean drinking water can be more valuable to you than gold if you need it urgently right now, but have none or no access to it.

There are still millions of people currently without access to clean drinking water! And according to the UN, by 2030 about two-thirds of the world's population will no longer have enough clean drinking water.

Clean drinking water is a fundamental human right that we should not let go of. Scientific studies prove that even in our drinking water, the "best-studied food", residues from agriculture, medicines, chemicals, etc. are increasing. And waterworks often feel "powerless" when it comes to eliminating "minor" contaminants. But in the long run the dose just makes the poison.

In addition, a company leader of a major food manufacturer once said in a figurative sense, "that there should be no right to clean drinking water for everyone."

If that is the case, that right is denied to us by the so-called elites of this world, then we can only accept that outwardly, but act according to "differently" inwardly. Nobody should let themselves have the right to clean drinking water. There are solutions for people who are not in the opinion of the mainstream media.

Anyone who does not want to be deprived of access to clean drinking water in the long term can obtain this access himself, not just in an emergency situation, by cleaning and purifying the water that he currently has available - for himself and his loved ones.

One way we can highly recommend is the table filter from Alvito.